Old School 10/28/2009
So about three years too late, I finally got around to picking up my grade 12 yearbook. It brought back a flood of memories, some great, some bad, you know how it goes. It is interesting seeing your yearbook three years late as you get to view your life as it was in three years previous for the first time in what seems like ages ago. The following are several highlights/memories from the ECSH yearbook, 2007:
It's difficult to tell whether or not these two fine blokes know whether or not they are dancing bad. It's truly astonishing to me that their bad dancing translated so well on this photo!

This photo, like the one above, is from one of our school dances. It was almost tradition in these dances to pull one of the large benches from the side of the atrium. It would always start with fitting as many girls on the hoochie bench as posable as all the guys lay gawking. Now I'm not necessarily calling the people that went on this bench "Hoochie", it's just the whole idea of it. A teacher might get pulled up every now and then and cause a very awkward several minutes while you wished they would get down, that they would ALL get down....

This unfortunate fellow probably didn't realize at the time that bronzer he used for the school play made him look like an Oompa Looma, a very tall Oompa Loompa. I thought they were all extinct!



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