All Business. 08/18/2010
This made me chuckle, and I hope it does the same for you. This kid is so serious about everything. It cracks me up.....on the inside.
Midstream 07/27/2010
So it has been an insanely busy couple weeks. I get home from the Philippines to hawaii, only to go right to cabin lead two weeks in Sundre. I get home to Edmonton, get invited to a get-together in Calgary the day after driving home, go last minute (it was awesome by the way), then leave the following day for Washington where Creation fest, a large Christian music festival happens (also awesome). The was four nights in a tent in a farmers field, then went to Seattle for the morning, Vancouver for the night and drove home yesterday. Needless to say I have overdone-it. I am sick. I have the flu, or some variation. I went to the doctor today where I was put through a slew of tests and pokes and prods. The one doctor was pressing on my abdomin and then quickly stopped thinking I was in great pain, but I was merely laughing as I'm extremely tickilish.There is a slight possibility I have malaria or tb or some random virus from a kid at camp. Anyways, all that to explain a slightly humorous conversation I had with the lab tech. She asked if I had ever given a "midstream urine sample" and if I needed instructions on what it was. In the Hebrew style on answering, I answered her question with a question: "Is it where you take the sample "midstream" when I'm urinating?" "Essentially yes" she said.  
Jon Bon Jovi is ridiculously popular here in the Philippines. Like.... ridiculously. I can scarcely leave the house without hearing "Living on a Prayer", "It's my life", or  my personal favourite "Always". So this got me thinking how popular he is worldwide. And that got me thinking that there has to be some ugly fan art of him. It turns out their is! Some range from really good, but look nothing like him, to really bad and look more like him then the good ones. So here you go:

Lanes 05/15/2010
One interesting thing (and actually quite life threatening) about the Philippines that makes it somewhat unlike from other Asian countries I've been to, is it's rules of the road. The opposite lane of traffic becomes free to use at any time as long as there is no car in it. So your two lanes of traffic could potentially become three, reducing the other lane to one, depending on the traffic. Now this is great if your in the more dominant lane, it's a bummer however if you need to get somewhere and the opposing traffic is hogging your lane. It's most scary to ride at night while doing this, especially in mountainous Baguio City where the the roads are all winding and you can never see whats beyond the next bend. So there you have it!  
Gravy Train 05/06/2010
Imagine: A never ending flow of hot KFC gravy (the best kind) at your finger tips. You run out of gravy for your fries so you simply re-fill your cup from the ketchup-like dispenser. Well my friends, your wildest dreams have come true. KFC in the Philippines HAS this magical fountain of life, and I for one am returning.
While in Manila, we helped out at a massive celebration of YWAM's 50th year. YWAM is an organization I am involved in. My team's job at the conference was to look after the children and keep them occupied while their parents were in the conference. One of the things we had to do was teach the children a song. None of us had ever heard this song before, except for a woman who had sung it for the children several times, and not very well I might add. So that is what we went off of, this woman's poor singing voice to a song we didn't know. The children (around 40 or so) were to perform this song for the entire conference to end it. So after a slightly stressful time of organizing the children on stage we were finally ready to perform. Megan and I decide to go off stage in front of the children so they could see us mouthing the words to them. I had written the lyrics down in my ipod as I still did not know them. So as we begin singing a microphone is shoved in my face and I am told to "Sing!". So I did! But litte did I know I was drowning out all the children by doing so. I was so focussed on trying to mouth the words I was reading from my ipod tht I did not realize to pull the mic away from my face.

So afterwards, we are walking home, and my buddy Hoke says to me, "Curtis, I thought for a couple minutes I could hear you singing So LOUD." To which everyone responded "It was!" I had just drowned out 40 children in front of 600+ people and had my biggest solo to date. To make it worse, the tune we had been teaching the children was completely wrong as we soon discovered when the entire crowd, who somehow knew the song, joined in. So not only did I drown out 40 children, I sung the wrong tune! So that is my story 

Jet Lag 04/12/2010
In case you don't know me, or what I am doing I am currently taking a group of people on a short term outreach to the Philippines. While on our way over, my group had a pit stop in Taiwan overnight. Since China Airlines is awesome they put us up in a hotel and even gave us a meal voucher. Now I've done this type of thing before, but it was not free and it was crappy. This place was extravagant. The buffet had everything from fresh naan to banana bread to star fruit(not as tasty as it sounds by the way).  My hotel room had a glass wall from the bathroom to the bedroom where, with the touch of the button, could fog, and unfog instantly. 

We had decided to check out at 5:45am to make our flight at 7:30am so I got to bed around 11:00pm. I wake up, at 5:00am, shower head down to the lobby, check out, return my key and get a weird vibe from the person at the desk while doing so. I waited until 6:00 and there was no sign of the girls.  So I request to call there rooms from the people at the desk. I pick up the phone call one of the room and hear a very tired Megan answer. I ask her why she wasn't down in the lobby, and her response: "because it's 12:30 am." Surly she is mistaken! How can this be? I check all my time sources and surly it was indeed 12:30. Thank y
The Purge 04/03/2010
Today I purged about 30 of my facebook "friends", but as you can tell by the "quotations",they were not truly my friends. To be honest, I could have deleted more, but would feel too bad if they requested me again. The "friends" I purged today are ones that have never written me, facebook chatted, or left a comment, I was merely another "friend" on their number board. It was awkward enough talking with Tina Lam in grade 8, why would I want to talk with her now? And you girls who were in the grade below me, I'm sorry, but if I couldn't put a face to the name, I deleted you too. 
Tatted Up 03/25/2010
One of my friends is getting a tattoo. In fact many of my friends have gotten tattoos, but it was this time that I began pondering about a tattoo of my own. I came to the conclusion that it would either have to be something extremely meaningful or absolutely ridiculous. So I first thought of getting a wolf and some native design, only because I am pure caucasian and it would be so out of place. On top of that I have always wanted a wolf t-shirt (you know the tie-dyed ones that have a airbrushed wolf or two with the signature moon), so it is only fitting that I would get this. There is however the very real possibility that people would not find this funny and think I did it for serious, or get downright offended by it. 

Thinking about ridiculous tattoos, I also thought of my friend Duke's butt tattoo. Stamped like a piece of Grade-A USDA approved beef. Classy Duke, classy....Probably one of the funniest tattoos of all time however and completely fits his personality.

So I don't think I could do crazy funny tattoo like my friend Duke, but maybe something more subtle. In fact I don't know if I could do something funny at all. Maybe I should stick with the classic sparrow, it was all the rage in the pirate swashbuckling days. While I'm at it I might as well go for the giant pirate ship on my chest...dang it, there I go again with the silly tattoos. 

There is one design I think I would truly consider though. It's something I've been thinking about. I even made a mock up of what it will potentially look like below.

Who wouldn't want a tattoo of Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World? 

Well for now I guess I will pass on getting tatted up, I can't take it seriously enough at the moment.
The Mighty Boosh has quickly been becoming my new favourite television series. It is a BBC comedy, and I'd be lying if I said I understood all the humour. It is however an over the top show centred around the lives Howard and Vince. Only three seasons were made of this show, the first of which taking place in a zoo, the second living in their apartment, and the third running a boutique under their apartment. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. Every episode there is at least one musical number in a style called "Crimp", where the majority of the song is sung in unison. The songs about anything from future sailors (see video) to ice flows, to a seaweed man who lives under the water. Full episodes can be found scattered about the internet, I found several at Anyways, watch a couple episodes!