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Also known as the humming bird is in fact, as pointed out in my previous post, the coolest bird in the world. So cool that I felt the need to share more on this amazing creature.  So why hummingbirds? Well last week while in a meeting my friend was talking about hummingbirds, and I was amazed. I was then reminded of arriving home in September and seeing that my parents had purchased a hummingbird feeder. Now when is the last time you saw a hummingbird in the city of Edmonton?........ Exactly what I suspected, never. Anyways, so here are some amazing facts on hummingbirds that you can WOW and AMAZE all your friends with. (I won't be offended if you don't read on, promise)

-In regular flight, a hummingbird can beat it's wings up to 80 times per second and up to 200 times during a courtship dive. INSANE!
-Their heart rate can reach up to 1260 beats per minute. THATS 21 TIMES PER SEC!
- They can see farther than humans and also can see ultraviolet light. SUPER EYESIGHT! 
- When diving the hummingbird can reach speeds of 60 miles/hour. Fa
- Self-serve frozen yogurt tastes heaps better than non-self-serve. 
- Hummingbirds are the coolest birds on the entire earth, period. (more to come!)

Well, I new the brutally simple story line had to be borrowed from somewhere, and it turns out it was from Pocahontas. Disney's fluffed up version nonetheless! Even down to the new-age, "one with nature" crap. Here's the proof: