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One of my friends is getting a tattoo. In fact many of my friends have gotten tattoos, but it was this time that I began pondering about a tattoo of my own. I came to the conclusion that it would either have to be something extremely meaningful or absolutely ridiculous. So I first thought of getting a wolf and some native design, only because I am pure caucasian and it would be so out of place. On top of that I have always wanted a wolf t-shirt (you know the tie-dyed ones that have a airbrushed wolf or two with the signature moon), so it is only fitting that I would get this. There is however the very real possibility that people would not find this funny and think I did it for serious, or get downright offended by it. 

Thinking about ridiculous tattoos, I also thought of my friend Duke's butt tattoo. Stamped like a piece of Grade-A USDA approved beef. Classy Duke, classy....Probably one of the funniest tattoos of all time however and completely fits his personality.

So I don't think I could do crazy funny tattoo like my friend Duke, but maybe something more subtle. In fact I don't know if I could do something funny at all. Maybe I should stick with the classic sparrow, it was all the rage in the pirate swashbuckling days. While I'm at it I might as well go for the giant pirate ship on my chest...dang it, there I go again with the silly tattoos. 

There is one design I think I would truly consider though. It's something I've been thinking about. I even made a mock up of what it will potentially look like below.

Who wouldn't want a tattoo of Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World? 

Well for now I guess I will pass on getting tatted up, I can't take it seriously enough at the moment.
The Mighty Boosh has quickly been becoming my new favourite television series. It is a BBC comedy, and I'd be lying if I said I understood all the humour. It is however an over the top show centred around the lives Howard and Vince. Only three seasons were made of this show, the first of which taking place in a zoo, the second living in their apartment, and the third running a boutique under their apartment. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. Every episode there is at least one musical number in a style called "Crimp", where the majority of the song is sung in unison. The songs about anything from future sailors (see video) to ice flows, to a seaweed man who lives under the water. Full episodes can be found scattered about the internet, I found several at Anyways, watch a couple episodes! 
Now this may be an old commercial according to the date published on YouTube, I however had never seen it until tonight. The night my standard of commercials was raised to a higher bar. Please enjoy.
The Rural Alberta Advantage's album Home was released summer of last year. It's indie-rock, unpolished style is an awesome change to what I've had to listen to on the radio here. I swear Hawaii radio only knows three songs: Bad Romance, Sweet Dreams, and New York. Anyways, I know your going to enjoy this album and all it has to offer. My two favourite, and by far the best songs on the album are Frank AB, and Edmonton, not because of the names, but because they were obviously birthed from pure awesomeness. So check them out! Planning an Alberta road trip over the summer? Be sure to take this fantastic album along.