So it has been an insanely busy couple weeks. I get home from the Philippines to hawaii, only to go right to cabin lead two weeks in Sundre. I get home to Edmonton, get invited to a get-together in Calgary the day after driving home, go last minute (it was awesome by the way), then leave the following day for Washington where Creation fest, a large Christian music festival happens (also awesome). The was four nights in a tent in a farmers field, then went to Seattle for the morning, Vancouver for the night and drove home yesterday. Needless to say I have overdone-it. I am sick. I have the flu, or some variation. I went to the doctor today where I was put through a slew of tests and pokes and prods. The one doctor was pressing on my abdomin and then quickly stopped thinking I was in great pain, but I was merely laughing as I'm extremely tickilish.There is a slight possibility I have malaria or tb or some random virus from a kid at camp. Anyways, all that to explain a slightly humorous conversation I had with the lab tech. She asked if I had ever given a "midstream urine sample" and if I needed instructions on what it was. In the Hebrew style on answering, I answered her question with a question: "Is it where you take the sample "midstream" when I'm urinating?" "Essentially yes" she said.