While leaving work tonight I walk past a trendy, high society, duelling piano restaurant. I peak in and see a short fat man with huge sideburns, professionally performing "I Got a Feeling". I wont lie, I kind of wanted to throw up. 
In case the snuggie wasn't a stupid enough idea, here's the Snuggie for dogs. What the freak?

Happy Halloween by the way.




Melissa Joan Hart, former Sabrina star gets told by Jimmy Kimmel and left speechless after getting the boot form Dancing With The Stars. This one is particularly funny to me as an avid ABC's TGIF follower during the late 90's. Fast forward to about a minute in.
So about three years too late, I finally got around to picking up my grade 12 yearbook. It brought back a flood of memories, some great, some bad, you know how it goes. It is interesting seeing your yearbook three years late as you get to view your life as it was in three years previous for the first time in what seems like ages ago. The following are several highlights/memories from the ECSH yearbook, 2007:
It's difficult to tell whether or not these two fine blokes know whether or not they are dancing bad. It's truly astonishing to me that their bad dancing translated so well on this photo!

This photo, like the one above, is from one of our school dances. It was almost tradition in these dances to pull one of the large benches from the side of the atrium. It would always start with fitting as many girls on the hoochie bench as posable as all the guys lay gawking. Now I'm not necessarily calling the people that went on this bench "Hoochie", it's just the whole idea of it. A teacher might get pulled up every now and then and cause a very awkward several minutes while you wished they would get down, that they would ALL get down....

This unfortunate fellow probably didn't realize at the time that bronzer he used for the school play made him look like an Oompa Looma, a very tall Oompa Loompa. I thought they were all extinct!

Like a fine episode of Full House, a classic mentos commercial gives you a lesson or two to live by. What can we learn form the following commercial? First off, we now know to test to see if a bench has been freshly painted. Secondly, nothing gets to you with mentos. Even if such incidence does occur, shake it off, eat a minty mentos to clear and sharpen your mind, paint the rest of your suit, and move on with the rest of your day in your obvious cover-up of a wet paint accident!




This overly long add plays while I am trying to enjoy television:
So whats the deal here? We have a temper-tantrum of epic proportions going on. First off,the local tv stations are crying because the satellite and cable stations are taking their show's without asking for them first. Satellite companies refuse to to pay anything to the local tv stations because they think they are making enough ($400 million in profit last year). The local stations are making it out to seem like if the public doesn't rise up against the cable companies and demand that they pay local tv, that we are not going to have local tv any more. This is BS in my opinion. We will always have local tv, no matter how torturous it may be sometimes, no matter if we have one station left and it is in the hole. The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) would never let that happen. Their job is to make sure Canadian content is displayed! 

Solution: The cable and satellite companies just need to swallow their pride, admit they were wrong, and pay the local tv stations for content aired from now on. Sure local tv might just be wanting more money, but they have also lost money to these companies over the past 10 years. You might find yourself saying; but why didn't the local tv stations do something about this 10 years ago? Well, they did! They went to the CRTC twice, and both times got denied allowance to charge the cable companies. Seriously though, you could not find another example like this. Imagine M&Ms want to start selling Smarties, so they go to the plant, steal the Smarties, then sell them at full price. So come on cable and satellite companies, you already pay for US programming, why are you making such a big fuss out of this? 
While strolling down Stony Plain Road the other day for the Store Front Cinema fest, My friend John and I came across a booth where we could make "throwies". What is this item with the awesome name? A throwie is simply a mini LED light, a watch battery, and a magnet all taped together. What do you do with it? Well as the name implies, you throw it! The people at the festival wanted us to throw the throwies at a large metal sign set of specifically for the occasion, I however thought that was lame. So my friend and I chucked all our throwies as high as we could get them on a lamp post. Now if your ever walking down Stony Plain Rd and notice a lamp post covered with red and green LEDs, you'll know who's been there. 
So I looked into throwies and discovered that the Graffiti Research Lab guys are the masters and possibly the inventors as well. The GRL group of people around the world dedicated to altering their surrounding through public art. Pretty neat idea if you ask me!

If you want to check out more on the Graffiti Research lab you can check out: http://graffitiresearchlab.com/

And for more on purchasing supplies needed to make throwies go to: http://www.goldmine-elec.com/

A new blog! In an effort to write more often I have started "rumpus weekly". I hope it will bring you joy and happiness. Well, at least a chuckle every now and then. 

I guess I should start out by telling you a bit about myself: Youngest of four, grew up in E-Town, follower of the Book, I love China, I don't love airports, I know most words to most songs, I like hiking, waterfalls, and campfires. For the past couple years I have been involved with a non-profit missionary training organization and have been able to travel the world spreading truth. 

So if I have peeked your interest and you would like to hear my insights on life, then please, stop in for another visit!