I have an unconfirmed theory. It is that, contrary to the garbage they try to pass as music may have you believe, the Black Eyed Peas are trying to make the world a better place by education the children. How's that for a run on sentence? How are the BEPs teaching the children anything other than how to live an excessive lifestyle? Well lets focus on Fergie and her first album for a moment. In her song "Glamorous" the spelling of the word is repeated several times throughout the song, letter by letter. The use of repetition helps in ingraining the spelling of glamorous into the brain of any listener. Merely sounding out the word in the past has lead me astray several times, replacing the middle 'o' with an 'e', and I'm sure the difficult 'ous' ending must trip up some. No longer however thanks to Fergie. But she didn't stop there, and she even let Will i am in on the fun in her song Fergalicious. "I'm the F to the E, R, G, the I, the E" is in the song as learning the spelling of you teacher's name is very important. Later in the song Will chimes in with "T to the A, to the S-T-E-Y". Adding a new word to children's vocabulary is also important so they don't always stay with the same old simple words. The education theme continued into the BEP's latest album in the song "I Gotta Feeling". Late in the song the group chants the days of the week: "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday". What a fun and creative way to learn the days of the week! Thank you Black Eyed Peas for enriching your music with such valuable, essential skills.

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