While in Manila, we helped out at a massive celebration of YWAM's 50th year. YWAM is an organization I am involved in. My team's job at the conference was to look after the children and keep them occupied while their parents were in the conference. One of the things we had to do was teach the children a song. None of us had ever heard this song before, except for a woman who had sung it for the children several times, and not very well I might add. So that is what we went off of, this woman's poor singing voice to a song we didn't know. The children (around 40 or so) were to perform this song for the entire conference to end it. So after a slightly stressful time of organizing the children on stage we were finally ready to perform. Megan and I decide to go off stage in front of the children so they could see us mouthing the words to them. I had written the lyrics down in my ipod as I still did not know them. So as we begin singing a microphone is shoved in my face and I am told to "Sing!". So I did! But litte did I know I was drowning out all the children by doing so. I was so focussed on trying to mouth the words I was reading from my ipod tht I did not realize to pull the mic away from my face.

So afterwards, we are walking home, and my buddy Hoke says to me, "Curtis, I thought for a couple minutes I could hear you singing So LOUD." To which everyone responded "It was!" I had just drowned out 40 children in front of 600+ people and had my biggest solo to date. To make it worse, the tune we had been teaching the children was completely wrong as we soon discovered when the entire crowd, who somehow knew the song, joined in. So not only did I drown out 40 children, I sung the wrong tune! So that is my story 

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