Smarties has introduced new, no artificial colouring for the tasty milk chocolate treat. It has come at a cost however, eliminating both the blue and green colour. I am saddened by this news, but to be honest with you, it's not going to change my life a whole lot, infact, probably not at all. I became suspect of the change when I noticed that I got neither blue or green in several "fun size" boxes (why do they call them fun size???) and did not receive any blue. It turns out blue "and subsequently green" are "proving very difficult to find a non artificial" version of. The reason behind the change is they are "addressing a consumer trend to healthier lifestyles..." But something tells me that the people who eat Smarties are not the ones concerned  about living out a healthier lifestyle. So it turns out that the fine people at Smarties are working hard to finding a blue and green colour for their Smarties, in the mean time we will just have to suck it up and eat our pink, red, orange, yellow, and everyone'd favourite brown.

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