Jet Lag - rumpus WEEKLY
In case you don't know me, or what I am doing I am currently taking a group of people on a short term outreach to the Philippines. While on our way over, my group had a pit stop in Taiwan overnight. Since China Airlines is awesome they put us up in a hotel and even gave us a meal voucher. Now I've done this type of thing before, but it was not free and it was crappy. This place was extravagant. The buffet had everything from fresh naan to banana bread to star fruit(not as tasty as it sounds by the way).  My hotel room had a glass wall from the bathroom to the bedroom where, with the touch of the button, could fog, and unfog instantly. 

We had decided to check out at 5:45am to make our flight at 7:30am so I got to bed around 11:00pm. I wake up, at 5:00am, shower head down to the lobby, check out, return my key and get a weird vibe from the person at the desk while doing so. I waited until 6:00 and there was no sign of the girls.  So I request to call there rooms from the people at the desk. I pick up the phone call one of the room and hear a very tired Megan answer. I ask her why she wasn't down in the lobby, and her response: "because it's 12:30 am." Surly she is mistaken! How can this be? I check all my time sources and surly it was indeed 12:30. Thank y

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