Problem: - rumpus WEEKLY
This overly long add plays while I am trying to enjoy television:
So whats the deal here? We have a temper-tantrum of epic proportions going on. First off,the local tv stations are crying because the satellite and cable stations are taking their show's without asking for them first. Satellite companies refuse to to pay anything to the local tv stations because they think they are making enough ($400 million in profit last year). The local stations are making it out to seem like if the public doesn't rise up against the cable companies and demand that they pay local tv, that we are not going to have local tv any more. This is BS in my opinion. We will always have local tv, no matter how torturous it may be sometimes, no matter if we have one station left and it is in the hole. The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) would never let that happen. Their job is to make sure Canadian content is displayed! 

Solution: The cable and satellite companies just need to swallow their pride, admit they were wrong, and pay the local tv stations for content aired from now on. Sure local tv might just be wanting more money, but they have also lost money to these companies over the past 10 years. You might find yourself saying; but why didn't the local tv stations do something about this 10 years ago? Well, they did! They went to the CRTC twice, and both times got denied allowance to charge the cable companies. Seriously though, you could not find another example like this. Imagine M&Ms want to start selling Smarties, so they go to the plant, steal the Smarties, then sell them at full price. So come on cable and satellite companies, you already pay for US programming, why are you making such a big fuss out of this? 

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