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One of my friends is getting a tattoo. In fact many of my friends have gotten tattoos, but it was this time that I began pondering about a tattoo of my own. I came to the conclusion that it would either have to be something extremely meaningful or absolutely ridiculous. So I first thought of getting a wolf and some native design, only because I am pure caucasian and it would be so out of place. On top of that I have always wanted a wolf t-shirt (you know the tie-dyed ones that have a airbrushed wolf or two with the signature moon), so it is only fitting that I would get this. There is however the very real possibility that people would not find this funny and think I did it for serious, or get downright offended by it. 

Thinking about ridiculous tattoos, I also thought of my friend Duke's butt tattoo. Stamped like a piece of Grade-A USDA approved beef. Classy Duke, classy....Probably one of the funniest tattoos of all time however and completely fits his personality.

So I don't think I could do crazy funny tattoo like my friend Duke, but maybe something more subtle. In fact I don't know if I could do something funny at all. Maybe I should stick with the classic sparrow, it was all the rage in the pirate swashbuckling days. While I'm at it I might as well go for the giant pirate ship on my chest...dang it, there I go again with the silly tattoos. 

There is one design I think I would truly consider though. It's something I've been thinking about. I even made a mock up of what it will potentially look like below.

Who wouldn't want a tattoo of Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World? 

Well for now I guess I will pass on getting tatted up, I can't take it seriously enough at the moment.

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