This morning I watched The Littlest Hobo for the first time in years. I decided that The Littlest Hobo is my hero. Not only did he push a man down an elevator shaft, he dropped a freaking crowbar on a mans head from several flights up. I have to say, this little piece of Canadiana almost brought a tear to my eye. Now wether that tear would have been caused by the bad acting or the storyline is still up for debate. I attempted to find a nifty picture of the dog, or the themesong to the show, but I wound up with something even better. I found a mash-up (sorry for the Glee term) of The Littlest Hobo theme and Lily Allen's Not Fair. Lilly Allen's lyrics aren't the most appropriate but if your able to look past a couple lines of the song, I think it's pretty good.

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