Saffron, Indian Foodfare 

While perusing West Edmonton Mall this Christmas, making your way through the throngs of fellow shoppers, why not take a break and stop by the food court closest to the ship for some great Indian cuisine. Saffron Indian Foodfare is a place I stumbled upon the other week before work. I hadn't had Indian food for quite a while and I was delighted to find this place. If you go, be sure too get garlic buttered naan. So good! A plate of food, including two dishes, rice and naan goes for 7.99, which is about as good as your going to get in any food court. The spice has been scaled down, and understandably so. Us Canadians find the mildest of flavours "spicy". Next time I go however, I'm going to see if they can make it spicier for me.  I suggest to butter chicken and curried chick peas, but there are many more options to choose from. Try it out!

The GreenHouse

If you happen to find yourself in central China in the vibrant city of Xining, and find yourself craving a touch of home, why not make your way over to The GreenHouse. Opened in the Fall of 2008, this American style coffee shop is a haven for coffee lovers. This was the first coffee shop in Xining to simply offer great coffee at good prices, and the first to offer 'to-go' cups. Not only does The Greenhouse offer the best coffee in Xining, it also has the most scrumptious baked goods in my opinion. Biscotti, cinnamon buns, chocolate twirls, cream puffs, all baked fresh daily. And for lunch why not order a custom made sandwich to go along with your fruit smoothie? The GreenHouse is gaining a reputation for it's homemade cheesecake, something the Chinese are not known to like. But thats all changing with the arrival of this delightful coffee shop. 
Always a good time is Open Mic Night! OMN occurs once a month and features anything from Tibetan singing to poetry reading and is a fantastic way to spend a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Pop in for the exact date and time!

22-222 Xia Du Da Jie
Xining, China,