Last Will and Testament - rumpus WEEKLY
Due to an earthquake in Chile early this morning, a tsunami warning has been sent out to the pacific, of which I am in the middle of right now. MSNBC is making it sound like the end of the world, therefore, it is. So here is my will, I love you all;

To my dear friend Bruce Le, oh the crazy Azn times we have spent together... No more. To you I leave my macbook so that I you may experience the pure joy of owning a mac. 

To Evan Lock, I can remember a time when  I was taller than you....No more. I leave you my plane ticket to the Philippines. Live your life.

To Bill Milligan, although I have not seen you in years, it seems like just yesterday we were sitting in Social class, you, already knowing the answers, me, grasping at concepts. To you I impart a double portion of my spirit on you. 

To my connection to back home Marie-Lise, To you I leave my Harry Potter series (just in case you need another copy of each), A Series of Unfortunate Events, and all the rest of my books. I wish I could have made it to the HP theme park with you. 

To my parents, I leave whatever is left in my bank account. Sorry 'bout that.

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